About Us

Our Mission

Amaury and Catherine are missionaries living and working in Santiago, DR, with Kingdom Seeker Ministries. They are proud parents of Josie and have a Teaching Ministry, which involves English, Drama, and Edification classes.

Our Family

Amaury was born and raised in Santiago, and he has worked in ministry for nearly 15 years in and around the city. 

Catherine moved to Santiago in August 2006 and has worked in ministry in the area since that time.

Amaury and Catherine met while working for a ministry and were married on May 24, 2008. In January 2010, they began 8:28 ministRies as an outreach ministry, trusting in where and how God would lead them to share his love with the people of the Dominican Republic!

Josie was born in Santiago in October 2013, and she has been an amazing blessing to our family!

Birthdays: Amaury - Jan 2, Catherine - Sept 6, Josie - Oct 17

Anniversary: May 24



Republic Facts


10,650,000 in an area half the size of the state of Kentucky



Average Annual Income

$4,500 per household


tourism, co ee, sugar, and tobacco exports

Unemployment Rate


State Religion