Amaury, his assistant, and volunteers in this ministry offer classes in various men’s prisons and churches in and around Santiago. Courses include: Perseverance and Triumph, Broken-Hearted, Courageous, Financial Harmony in the Home, Protocol and Etiquette, Selfhelp and Self-esteem, Business Principles, 101 Ways to Transform Your Life, A Life with Purpose, Men of Values, Behind the History, Called to be Men, and I Decide.



We are looking for sponsors of courses in the men's prisons. If you would like to sponsor a specific course, please make a donation to Kingdom Seeker Ministries with the name of the course specified on the donation. Your sponsorship would cover the cost of materials for the course, and the amount needed is listed next to the course name. 

Business Principles
101 Ways to Transform Your Life
A Life with Purpose
Men of Values
Behind the History                                                  
Called to be Men
I Decide.

Perseverance and Triumph
Financial Harmony in the Home
Protocol and Etiquette,

Self-help and Self-esteem

Our Goals

  • To offer classes in the men’s prisons in La Vega, Mao, Santiago, and Puerta Plata. Offering classes in the men’s prison in Puerta Plata will be a new location for 2016.
  • To offer classes in our community and other communities in and around Santiago.
  • To offer a new class for 2016 called Transforming Thoughts.
  • To continue to employ an Administrative Assistant for the ministry who helps teach classes in the prisons, has the position of Chaplain for the Drama Group, and helps maintain the ministry property.
  • To find a sponsor for a speaker system for the men’s prison in Mao to facilitate morning devotions for the staff and inmates.
  • To baptize men who are currently in the prison system in the DR who are members of the classes.
  • To find sponsors for classes in the prison ministry.
  • To complete the prayer garden on our property and begin making the property available for retreats and celebrations.